Although a juvenile is typically charged with an offense that is covered under the criminal code, the jurisdiction for these charges is in the Family Court.

Juvenile offenses are not considered crimes for which punishment is needed, but rather offenses for which rehabilitation is required, under the supervision of a Family Court judge. The applicable statute governing this area states that the law is in place “To preserve the unity of the family whenever possible and to provide for the care, protection, and wholesome mental and physical development of juveniles coming within the provisions of this act.”

Upon graduating law school, Robert Scirocco began working immediately as a law clerk or legal assistant to the two juvenile judges in Hudson County. Over the past twenty years, he has successfully represented juveniles in a number of high profile matters, including those charged with assaults and sexual offenses committed in local public schools.

Drug possession and drug distribution are other areas in which juveniles are often charged and for which we provide representation in the Morris, Sussex, and Warren County juvenile courts.

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