In New Jersey, insurance brokers owe clients a professional duty of care. An insurance broker is liable for professional negligence if the broker (1) neglects to procure the insurance, (2) if the policy is void, (3) if the policy is materially deficient, or (4) the policy does not provide the coverage he undertook to supply. Just as important, a broker is liable for professional negligence if he fails to warn the client at once that coverage could not be obtained. A court may only grant judgment against an insurance broker, however, where there can be no conclusion other than that the broker was “ignorant of available coverage, failed to obtain requested coverage, or failed to advise to the customer of the unavailability of requested coverage.” Avery v. Arthur E. Armitage Agency, 242 N.J. Super. 293, 303 (App. Div. 1990).  Quality Pro Painters, LLC v. Global Underwriters Agency, Inc. (Sup. Ct., March 2015)