Professional Excellence 2020: Law Journal Announces Winners

We are proud to announce that attorney Mark Scirocco has been named a New Leader of the Bar by the New Jersey Law Journal as part of its Professional Excellence 2020 Awards. The New Jersey Law Journal presents annual awards … more

Social Host Liability for Underage Drinking?

Can an adult who is under the age of 21 potentially bear liability if he facilitates or encourages the consumption of alcohol in his residence by others who are under the age of 21? This week, attorney Mark Scirocco of … more

Updates In Gun Control Litigation

UPDATES IN GUN CONTROL LITIGATION By: Bob Scirocco In the City of NY, one can obtain a “premises license,” which allows an individual to  possess a firearm only at his or her residence, with very few exceptions. One of these … more

Employment/Volunteer Fire Department

In the matter of Kocanowski v. Township of Bridgewater, the NJ Supreme Court in February of 2019 ruled that a volunteer fire fighter who was not otherwise gainfully employed was still entitled to temporary disability benefits after being injured while … more

Warrantless Search Under The Emergency Aid Doctrine

Warrantless Search under the Emergency Aid Doctrine Can police search a suspect’s home without a warrant if they believe that the individual is critically injured inside the dwelling? The Appellate Division thought so given the facts of a recent stabbing … more

Right to Effective Counsel

In 2003, Naquan O’Neil was tried for murder and aggravated manslaughter. His attorneys asserted that he was not guilty of murder because he acted in self-defense but did not assert self-defense to the charge of manslaughter. At the time, self-defense … more

The Defendant can be compelled to appear for sentencing

THE DEFENDANT CAN BE COMPELLED TO APPEAR FOR SENTENCING  The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that the trial judge has the authority to compel the defendant to appear for sentencing. The family of the murdered victim in the matter … more

A warrant is now required to withdraw blood

A WARRANT IS NOW REQUIRED TO WITHDRAW BLOOD The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in the matter of Missouri v. McNeely, 133 S. Ct. 1552 that in most cases a warrant is required to withdraw blood of one suspected of … more