Most Sincere Appreciation

I would like to offer the most sincere thanks and appreciation to Robert A. Scirocco, Esq. and to his legal staff.  Much like modern say David taking on Goliath, Bob took on a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporate giant with a well staffed in-house legal department and high priced retained legal firm to assist them.

As my advocate, Bob consistently operated with honesty, integrity, respect, discipline, courage and confidence when taking on opposing counsel.  Despite the  many twists and turns in the case and despite having to address continuous delays and motions, as well as significant and well planned obstacles set before us, Bob believed in me and my case and in the end prevailed to win the case for my family and me.  For that I wish to thank you.

Samuel R. Trujillo


Our Brilliant Lawyers

Thank you Robert & Christian
For helping us to defend,
Against Crossroads Career Institute
Who thought  that They would win.

You were smooth, you were cool,
You did your research and your duty.
You were more exciting to watch
Than the famous T.V. show Judge Judy.

You took our case, you believed
That we were right.
You took our case to court,
For a long seven-day fight.

You put the students on the stand,
they told of the school’s demise.
You put the Defendants on the stand,
You broke through all their lies.

The jury believed, you proved your case
They came back in our favor.
We appreciate what you did for us,
Over two years of research and labor.


Corinne and Carolyn Brown