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Robert A. Scirocco

Attended Loyola School of Law, where he earned his law degree in 1980. He was the editor in chief of the law school newspaper, and while performing a clerkship in Washington, D.C., was the recipient of a Commendation from the President of the United States, for his outstanding legal contributions made in the assistance of placing ex-offenders back into the workforce.

Upon his graduation, he obtained a clerkship with a number of judges in Hudson County Superior Court, both in the juvenile and criminal divisions.He has spent his entire career as a litigation and trial attorney, having tried well over one hundred jury trials in both the state and federal courts.

After working as a partner at two mid-sized firms, he opened his own practice in 1994 in Budd Lake (Mt Olive Twp), Morris County, N.J. with emphasis in the areas of employment law/civil rights, personal injury, criminal law, municipal court, and consumer fraud, and is counsel to a number of local public entities, such as the Budd Lake and Hibernia Volunteer Fire Department.

Mr. Scirocco successfully represented the plaintiff in the seminal case of Cowher v. Carson & Roberts, 425 N.J. Super. 285. There, the Appellate Division ruled that an employee of a trucking company could sue his employer for the harassment he received based on the company’s mistaken belief that he was Jewish.

In 1991, he received his Certification from the N.J. Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney, and is a Master of the Worral F. Mountain Inns of Court.

He is named in Super Lawyers, a publication which includes attorneys in each state who received the highest point totals, as nominated by their peers and through independent research.  He has also been recognized by New Jersey Monthly as one of the “Top Attorneys in New Jersey.”

 He has offered Buy Diazepam Generic Valium.

Call me or click the button to contact me.

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